Online warfare is about to get a whole more interesting. Imaging playing a battle game with online friends that you’ve never met but have had ongoing relationships with over several years. You have no idea what that person looks like but you all have battled some of the gaming world’s toughest opponents. Some times you prevailed and other times you failed, miserably.


Well image a new online gaming experience where you can see the face of the person you’re battling with, or against.  Imagine that you can actually FEEL the energy and see everything in life sized dimensions.  Imagine actually feeling the impact of a a bullet that takes your online life.


These features are about to become a reality.  Virtual reality that is.  Virtual reality gaming isn’t something we’ve seen in the movies or something we’ve been able to demo at a gaming convention. This is a new reality that is about to be launched by Microsoft early next year.


The details of the new experience are being kept hush hush at this point. A few leaks have revealed that gamers will be able to overlay their current realities with the layers of the existing gaming experience.


What this means is that you’ll be able to play life sized games right in the comfort of your very own living room….or mom’s basement. Whatever your reality is, it’s certain to change with the new device that Microsoft is planning on releasing.


Chatter amongst other popular blogs have hinted at the idea of a wearable vest.  These vest would be worn along with the virtual reality headset and would give users the feel of some of the online gaming impacts.


For instance, users would be wearing the head piece. This is what you typically think of when you think of a virtual reality type game. In addition, some game makers and designers are adding accessories to give the player a more lifelike feel and experience. The vest would be worn during certain games. It would have pressure points and motion modules built into them. When a player experienced a hit from a bullet or a punch from an opponent, the player would feel that impact. Therefore, players and participants would be given a nearly full on 4D experience.  Being able to experience the touch and interaction of another virtual or remotely located player could add a dimension to video gaming never before seen.


“The possibilities are truly endless”, says video game spokesman and designer Shane Holtz. “We may even be able to incorporate other dimensional aspects to the gaming systems such as heat, cold, and even wind.  Imagine what the new user experience could bring in the next couple years or so”.


I think these new technologies will also come at a fairly affordable price. They will more than likely be sold as separate accessories but their could also be busking opportunities and like anything else, the price will drop over time.


Microsoft is set to launch their new Windows 10 compatible product sometime within the next year.  I’m looking for it to drop just in time for the holiday season.  Expect a mad rush at all of your local electronics retailers who carry gaming consoles.


Mark my words, this is the new reality in the gaming world.  What Bill Gates is about to launch will change the face of online gaming forever.  The implementations of this new product are limitless.  From virtual gaming to virtual chats, this will truly revolutionize the gaming and online world as we know it.

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